Age or height Restriction

live the rush
feel the speed

Safety Rules

Racing suit must be zipped up and helmet must be fastened

Never leave your kart without permission

In case you get stuck against a kart or barrier,raise your arm and wait for assistance

Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times

No contact between karts

Do not drive in the opposite direction

Smoking is not allowed

No mobile phones allowed in the Pit-lane or Race track

No high heels or slippers allowed

Make sure your hair is tied & tucked away in the helmet. Scarfs are strictly forbidden

Pregnant woman, individuals with heart, back problems and disabilities are forbidden from driving.

booking & cancellation

Arrive 15 minutes before the session

Cancellations are accepted no less than two hours before the session start either my visiting the booking counter in person or by sending an email to [email protected] including your booking details (Booking ID, Mobile Number, Name).

*No refunds will be processed if any of the above rules are violated.

There is no speed limit at the Q8KARTING, but there are rules for everyone's safety.

Green Flag

The green flag is used to start your race or heat.


The yellow flag means slow down to a walking pace and no overtaking. Stay in your current positions and drive very slowly around the track. Be aware that there may be an obstruction on the track you will need to drive around. Marshals may also be on the track. Maintain a slow speed until the condition is cleared.

Red Flag

The red flag means stop. You should bring your kart to a controlled stop and then keep your foot on the brake. There may be a total obstruction on the track so be observant. Stay in your kart and wait until the condition is cleared.


The chequered flag is used to indicate the end of your session, heat or event. You should continue driving competitively until you cross the finish line and pass the chequered flag. Once you have cross the line, you should drive to the pit lane.